Refund/Return Policy

What time do we start and end delivery?
We start all deliveries at 9:00 am and the final round of deliveries leave as late as 7:00 pm

Return or Exchange policy
We Only offer returns on arrangements that have not been delivered after the flowers have arrived there is no return policy if the flowers do not meet your requirements the customer may bring them in to our physical store location to have it changed to meet their desire to the florists desire. If the customer would like to change an item pre delivery they must call our in store location to have it exchanged to another item and must pay the difference if they choose an item that is more expensive. We do not offer exchanges post delivery.

What if Inventory is not in stock?
Flowers or vases that are not in stock for the given order will be substituted for other flowers or vases to fulfill the order.

Please contact us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions :